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Happy Mother's Day!

It's been over a year, since my last post! I wanted to say happy Mother's Day to my Mom, Tom's Mom, Nana and Alice! Following is the video from The LM's recital lats night.

OK, so it's been since Christmas, since my last post. Yikes. I do need to try to start posting again. I plan to print out my journal entries for my kids, so they know what what transpired during the early years of their lives.

The short rundown...

Moi: Starting a new CC campus for homeschooling (in my free time)
Big Joker: Suffering horribley from the pollen
The LM: No teeth and a broken arm
T4: Growth spurt and has gotten an attitude
Lucy: Meow, and she is SO NEGLECTED!

There you have it. Nesterio turned 5 last month and the LM is headed toward 8 this month. The time is flying. In January, I was contacted to see if I was willing to be the director of a new CC campus near where I live. The LM fell off her scooter in March and broke her left radius (near the wrist). She's in a brace now, but no playing soccer goalie (she can play other position). Nesternio is getting very tall, and he does not have any jackets that fit. Big Joker is having his usual spring allergies along with being swamped by deacon stuff. All in all we are doing well.

This Director deal is taking a lot of my time; however, I feel it is what God wants me to be doing with my life right now. I have a lot of interest in my campus, and it is probably going to be full, when I start in August.

I hope my readers are well. I can't promise I will be much better about posting, as we are so busy, but I will try.

Before I forget...

Happy Birthday Oropher_777


The kids participated in a live nativity this evening in our neighborhood. We have a family, who puts this on every year. No animals, just kids. oropher_777 accompanied us to the rehearsal. Oropher_777 and I were put in charge of the angels, and getting their costumes on. Then we helped behind the stage, shuffling everyone in and out. We both had a great time.

The LM was an angel and Nesterino was a sheep. The shepherds missed their line, and in the silence, Nesterino said, "Baa, Baa! I'm a sheep!" It was pretty funny!

Sorry I can't rotate the following. I rotated it on my computer, but it reverted, when I sent to to LJ. Pretty annoying. I don't have a paid subscription, so I can't rotate it.

Nesterino is on the far right, and the LM is in the back on the far left.



Finally, a post!

It was early November, since my last post! Yikes! We've been very busy. We went to Mom's for Thanksgiving and had a wonderful time. The electricity did manage to go out, while we were there though, for a day. At least we had the drill down :-) BIg Joker got a 4 point buck, while at Mom's. Our ultimate redneck moment was pulling it up in a tree with the riding lawn mower (to finish cleaning it, and keep it up overnight, so the coyotes would not get it).

We've been busy getting ready for Christmas. The LM is doing well on violin, and we've had several gigs, this holiday season. Two retirement homes, and her old kindergarten class. She and Nesterino will be in a live nativity this weekend. She'll be and angel and Nesterino will be a sheep. Baaa!

I still have quite a list of things to do before next week, but at least all of the gifts are here, and I've got most of the prep work done for my dressing cakes (I cooked a turkey to have some meat an broth, and also fixed up the chestnuts.)

It's a cold an blustery night here. A limb fell off of a tree out front and hit the house. It does not appear to have done any damage, but we'll need to look at the roof better tomorrow.

That's it for now!

Long awaited recital video...

Here's the recital video. The camera was not in the correct mode, so it's pretty yellow.


I'm still fighting the remnants of my cold. The kids have been making me crazy for various reasons this week. Yesterday morning, Nesterino came up to me, and he was poking at his nose. I asked him what was wrong, and he said that something was stuck. Great! Anyway, I plugged the nostril he wasn't messing with, and had him blow. Out popped a goober covered LEGO! I still wonder what parents do, who can't handle gross events like this.

One bright spot, was that Nana came over yesterday, and took the kids out to lunch and the playground. Leaving me some time to get a few things done and rest a bit.

Big Joker called today from his trip, and he said that he was standing in line, waiting to shake George Bush's hand. Obviously, his week is going better than mine.

This morning, I took some beans out of the freezer to thaw. As I was removing them from their plastic bag (I cook dried beans in my slow-cooker and use them for later), I dropped it on one of my Corelleware dishes, and is shattered everywhere. Smooth move!

We went to church this evening to hear a friend of mine, who is a foreign missionary talk about her ministry. It was a great presentation. Nesterino fell asleep, and when it was time to leave, I could not find the LM anywhere. Someone spotted her outside, wandering around our church building in the dark!!! Argh! She's not supposed to go outside without permission, and I certainly would not have given it to her at that time!

My missionary friend is coming over tomorrow night for dinner, so that will be good. It will be great to visit with her.

I habe a colb...

I've had a cold for a few days, and it's running me down! Big Joker was sick at the beginning of the week with the flu. He had a fever, and felt like he'd been run over by a truck. He missed work on Monday. We have one more week of soccer. I'm ready for a break. Two practices a week (on different nights) and two games on Saturday. The kids are doing well with it, and I'm very impressed with Nesterino's coach. He has these 4 year old kids working together and doing well.

The LM had a recital yesterday. She did a Suzuki piece and "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring." It went very well. She wore her Snow White costume, Nana made for her last year. She looked lovely. I'll post a video, when I get the chance. Nana made her an equally lovely Cinderella dress this year, and gave it to her today. She'll be the belle of the ball this Halloween.

We have a very busy week ahead. CC tomorrow, two soccer games, missionary presentation at church on Wednesday night (the missionary is an old friend of mine, so we are definitely going to that). Same missionary friend is coming over for dinner on Thursday evening. We will be spending a day this week at Stone Mountain with Big Joker's brother and family. Saturday, we have two soccer games (very early) and an end-of-season party for the LM's team.

Anyway, time for me to hit the hay here soon!
I had hoped to do better with my posting, but I see it's been over two weeks, since my last one. My MIL is visiting. There was free admission this afternoon at the Carlos Museum at Emory, and we took the kids to see the exhibits. We've been studying ancient history, and they have quite a few artifacts pertaining to very early periods. They have several mummies, and numerous, Egyptian, Sumerian, Mesopotamian, etc. items. Nesterino's museum tolerance is about an hour, so that's how long we stayed. The kids were fascinated with an English Walnut tree on the campus, and were looking at the walnuts on the ground. I cracked open some black walnuts we found on our pool property recently. After the museum, we went over to see Big Joker's office. It's the first time I have visited him in this particular location.

Too busy to post...

September and October are very busy for us. We've had all sorts of events, trips, visitors, etc. We did go to Orange Beach two weeks ago for a weekend with Big Joker's brother and his family. We had a great time. I will post pictures, when I have them.

Both kids are in soccer, and their practices are on different nights, and they both have games on Saturdays. I did an airport field trip for our homeschool group, and we have been going to CC weekly. Big Jokers brother came last week, and we refinanced our house. I am also working on our pool's web site.

I'll try to do better about posting in the near future!