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I'm still fighting the remnants of my cold. The kids have been making me crazy for various reasons this week. Yesterday morning, Nesterino came up to me, and he was poking at his nose. I asked him what was wrong, and he said that something was stuck. Great! Anyway, I plugged the nostril he wasn't messing with, and had him blow. Out popped a goober covered LEGO! I still wonder what parents do, who can't handle gross events like this.

One bright spot, was that Nana came over yesterday, and took the kids out to lunch and the playground. Leaving me some time to get a few things done and rest a bit.

Big Joker called today from his trip, and he said that he was standing in line, waiting to shake George Bush's hand. Obviously, his week is going better than mine.

This morning, I took some beans out of the freezer to thaw. As I was removing them from their plastic bag (I cook dried beans in my slow-cooker and use them for later), I dropped it on one of my Corelleware dishes, and is shattered everywhere. Smooth move!

We went to church this evening to hear a friend of mine, who is a foreign missionary talk about her ministry. It was a great presentation. Nesterino fell asleep, and when it was time to leave, I could not find the LM anywhere. Someone spotted her outside, wandering around our church building in the dark!!! Argh! She's not supposed to go outside without permission, and I certainly would not have given it to her at that time!

My missionary friend is coming over tomorrow night for dinner, so that will be good. It will be great to visit with her.


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Nov. 1st, 2012 10:02 pm (UTC)
Correlle dishes
Yes they do shatter quite well. They explode almost like a grenade! What prompted L.M. to do her pm excursion at church?

To bad you didn't video Nesterino's LEGO expulsion, that could have gotten you a shot on America's Funniest!
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