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OK, so it's been since Christmas, since my last post. Yikes. I do need to try to start posting again. I plan to print out my journal entries for my kids, so they know what what transpired during the early years of their lives.

The short rundown...

Moi: Starting a new CC campus for homeschooling (in my free time)
Big Joker: Suffering horribley from the pollen
The LM: No teeth and a broken arm
T4: Growth spurt and has gotten an attitude
Lucy: Meow, and she is SO NEGLECTED!

There you have it. Nesterio turned 5 last month and the LM is headed toward 8 this month. The time is flying. In January, I was contacted to see if I was willing to be the director of a new CC campus near where I live. The LM fell off her scooter in March and broke her left radius (near the wrist). She's in a brace now, but no playing soccer goalie (she can play other position). Nesternio is getting very tall, and he does not have any jackets that fit. Big Joker is having his usual spring allergies along with being swamped by deacon stuff. All in all we are doing well.

This Director deal is taking a lot of my time; however, I feel it is what God wants me to be doing with my life right now. I have a lot of interest in my campus, and it is probably going to be full, when I start in August.

I hope my readers are well. I can't promise I will be much better about posting, as we are so busy, but I will try.

Before I forget...

Happy Birthday Oropher_777



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